Wednesday, 22 August 2012

[Drama] Haeundae Lovers

KBS new drama is about Prosecutor Lee (Kim Kang-Woo), who lost his memory, becomes involved with gangsters. He then meets Ko So-Ra (Jo Yeo-Jeong), the daughter of a gangster.

Lovers of Haeundae-Kim Kang-Woo.jpgLovers of Haeundae-Jo Yeo-Jeong.jpgLovers of Haeundae-Jung Suk-Won.jpgLovers of Haeundae-Nam Gyu-Ri.jpgLovers of Haeundae-Kang Min-Kyung.jpg
Kim Kang-WooJo Yeo-JeongJung Suk-WonNam Gyu-RiKang Min-Kyung
Lee Tae-SungKo So-RaChoi Joon-HyukYoon Se-NaHwang Joo-Hee
Lovers of Haeundae-Lim Ha-Ryong.jpgLee Jae-YongLovers of Haeundae-Park Sang-Myeon.jpgLovers of Haeundae-Keon Il.jpgPark So-Yeon
Lim Ha-RyongLee Jae-YongPark Sang-MyeonKeon IlPark So-Yeon
Ko Joong-SikLee Soon-ShinBoo Young-DoLee Dong-BaekLee Gwan-Soon
Lovers of Haeundae-Kim Hye-Eun.jpgLovers of Haeundae-Choi Sang-Hun.jpgKim Tae-Hyun
Kim Hye-EunChoi Sang-HunKim Tae-Hyun
Yook Tam-HeeLee Se-JoKang Min-Goo

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