Sunday, 26 August 2012

[Film] R2B (Return To Base)

R2B: Return to Base (HangulR2B: 리턴투베이스RRR2B: Riteontu Beyiseu) is a South Korean action film by Kim Dong-Won which stars Rain and Shin Se-Kyung in leading roles. The film is a remake of Shin Sang-ok's film Red Scarf (1963).Republic of Korea Air Force was heavily involved to support filming.

Rain: Captain Jung Tae-Yoon. Former Black Eagles pilot who is reassigned to the 21st Fighter Wing as a F-15K pilot.
Shin Se-kyung: Master Sergeant Yoo Se-Young. 21st Fighter Wing mechanic & Tae-Yoon's love interest.
Yu Jun-sang: Major Yi Cheoul-Hee. Former Top Gun of the 21st Fighter Wing.
Lee Ha-na: Captain Oh Yoo-Jin. Tae-Yoon's Air Force Academy classmate & Cheoul-Hee's WSO..
Kim Sung-su: Major Park Dae-Suh. Tae-Yoon's Academy senior & flight leader in the 21st Fighter Wing.
Lee Jong-suk: First Lieutenant Ji Seok-Hyun. Rookie pilot & Tae-Yoon's WSO.
Jung Kyung-ho: Captain Jo Tae-Bong. Pilot
Jung Suk-won: Master Sergeant Choi Min-Ho. Pararescueman.
Jo Sung-ha: Brigadier General Choi Byeong-Gil. 21st Fighter Wing commander.
Oh Dal-soo: Senior Master Sergeant Min Dong-Phil. 21st Fighter Wing maintenance crew chief.

International release

Before the film's release it was reported to have sold to 30 countries including Thailand, Taiwan, India and other parts of Asia as well as England, France, Germany, Canada, and U.S.

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