Tuesday, 6 September 2011

gp basic touched .

members became confused because of gp basic hyuna as popular artists come to meet them just to give encouraging words and guidance. understood, these things happen in the backstage of a concert when they were getting ready to perform. "hyuna to us and tell she was impressed with the capabilities of our dance and rap skills. she asked us all to try and give his best because she was convinced that one day later we find success, "said the leader, zion once the concert ended in Korea recently. "Our fans hyuna. we feel touched because he's willing to come erikan advice to us," she added.


Recently, the label G.NA music, Cube Entertaiment gave clues that the artist's shadow will be making a return soon, but the clues are clearlyG.NA back ready to meet his fans after about eight months of silence. "2011 .?.?.? [G.NA will be back soon !!!]. music video is ready. G.na campaign will start soon," the spokesman said the official twitter of the music labels. "Track-songs produced more energetic and full of emotion, "he added. however, a spokesman for the label does not disclose the recording format to be displayed by the singer born 24-year-old Canada

Thursday, 1 September 2011


During Osen’s talk with new lady organisation Chocolat, the members revealed, “We wish to be like the lady organisation 2NE1.”
Chocolat, that includes 3 girls who are of churned race, have lerned and discriminating their skills for the past dual and a half years.
Leader, Soa, stated, 2NE1 sunbae-nims’ personalities are really distinct. That aspect of them leaves a really low impression. Likewise, the members’ personalities are distinct, so we wish to be identical to 2NE1’s charms.”
When asked what form of personalities the members had, she replied, “First off as the leader, I’m like the oldest sister who diligently takes caring of the others. Jae Yoon, who is the categorical vocal, has an tractable inlet and clever charisma. Juliane has a voluptuous body. Because she enjoyed cheerleading and several sports in America, she generally pays good courtesy to exercise. Melanie, who is in assign of the artistic features, is good during emulating Park Bom’s and IU’s voices, she also sets the atmosphere. Tia is full of aegyo (cuteness). It’s fun since she always does aegyo to us, her unnies.”

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