Monday, 5 November 2012

PSY & YoonA (Girls’ Generation) having an affair ?

On November 3, one Chinese media reported that world star PSY and Girls’ Generation member YoonA were having an affair. According to the report, PSY, who often produces songs for other others, met YoonA about six months ago at a party. While YoonA hid in the corner and hardly said much, PSY was able to warm up to her with his fun and easy-going personality. Afterwards, YoonA attended parties hosted by PSY and developed their secret affair.
The report also stated, “While PSYs affair has not been publicly reported, his wife was well aware of their relationship. However, she kept quiet to protect PSY’s career and her family. PSY married his wife in 2006 and have twin daughters.”
The publication confronted YoonA about this alleged affair at the press conference for Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show in Hong Kong last week. Apparently, the translator refused to translate the question, and the publication asked the same question in English. YoonA chose not to reply and left the scene.
Those who’ve seen and heard the news commented, “I don’t believe it,” “Hilarious. Like anyone’s going to believe this,” “Once I see photos, I’ll believe them,” “Neither of them are crazy enough to do that,” and more. –
Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Psy were just recently swept up in absurd rumors regarding the two’s secret affair.
One Chinese media outlet falsely reported, “Korean singer Psy had an affair with YoonA six months before the release of ‘Gangnam Style.
The media outlet stated, “Psy attended a party held in celebration of preparation for another singer’s album. YoonA was sitting in the corner but as soon as Psy livened up the mood, she developed a favorable impression [of him].
The article continued, “Psy’s wife knew of the affair but kept quiet because she did not want to destroy their family. When YoonA was asked about Psy during the Vivian Westwood fashion show held on the 2nd, she did not give an answer.
On the 5th, in response to the news SM Entertainment stated, “These are nonsensical reports to which it is not worth responding to. We think it is quite regretful to hear. YG Entertainment responded similarly saying, “The information is absurd. We are astonished.
Currently, the article is quickly spreading through other media outlets and social network sites. However, local Chinese residents who have come across the article are just as shocked at the unreliable information, and are criticizing the original media outlet responsible for reporting the false rumor.

Source + Image(s): SportsSeoul, Newsen, TVDaily

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