Sunday, 11 November 2012

Boyfriend Comeback With Janus

Album Title : BOYFRIEND 1st Album _ JANUS 
- Title Song : JANUS (야누스) 

- Produced by SWEETUNE
- Release Date : 2012.11.08 
- Artist : BOYFRIEND 보이프렌드 


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Having been awarded the rookie of the year after a year since their debut, BOYFRIEND, who have impressed Asia, came back with their first studio album "JANUS".

The boys' dramatic transition into fierce masculine men!
BOYFRIEND reveals another face [JANUS]!

Korea's greatest producer SWEETUNE has once again put their efforts into the project for BOYFRIEND. The new song 'Janus' features a beautifully rich instrumental of piano, strings and bass on top of the members' mature vocals. The song itself depicts the emotions of a man who puts a smile on in front of his lover to let her go, but feels tormented on the inside.
This album also contains members' solo tracks.
"Trippin'" by HyunSeong is about a girl who keeps falling which causes her boyfriend pain. HyunSeong's voice leaves the listener feeling emotional more than anything else. Another solo track, "Listen" by the leader of the group, DongHyun, delivers his grateful thoughts to his fans.
JeongMin's solo track "My Dear" is a pop ballad where its acoustic melody and warm lyrics express the sweet and lovely feelings towards the person one loved. 
The rest of the tracks 'Good Night', 'Excused Me, 'Go Back', 'Excuse Me' and 'Soul Mate' also show off the boys' musical spectrum and completeness of the production.

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